Autarky - Autarky's website. Autarky also have Myspace and Last FM pages.
Indianhead - The noise-mongerers' own space. Read reviews, interviews and all relevant information regarding the trio's latest sonic outpourings. Indianhead also have Myspace and Last FM pages.
Insular - Insular's Myspace account. You can preview all tracks via Last FM.
SERIAL - The label's myspace page. SERIAL also has Discog and Last FM pages.
Sound X - The electronic improvisor's Myspace page, visited by dozens.

Always Black - AB's artistic hub, containing numerous contributor input, including some SERIAL artists.
F.O.G. - Big Robot's other musical contributor, F.O.G.'s Myspace page.
Kieron Gillen - Journalist, comic conceptualist and drunken blogger.
Mick Grierson - Real-time Audio/Visual artist, former member of Indianhead.
Roger Kelly - Beautiful mixed-textures, taking form into abstraction.
Charity Larrison - Artist and possible fairae girl at the bottom of your garden.
Jim Rossignol - Big Robot's architect, freelance journalist and abstract story-teller.
John Walker - The greatest Christian on planet earth.
Chrissy Williams - Where fiction meets truth and kicks it down the stairs.

Blackbored - Always Black's forum for discussion on artistic projects, videogame theory and web nonsense.
Heathen Hideout - Heathen Harvest's discussion forum, splitting up the genres like a ripe grapefruit.

Boomkat - Predominately electronic music store.
Because God Told Me To Do It - fascinating music and cultural Blog from the underground.
Discogs - Resource built by members for obscure labels and independent releases.
GEMM - Online catalogue of record stores, essential portal for rare recordings.
Plan B - Bi-monthly music publication. December 2004's issue included DAT500's word-filth.
Heathen Harvest - Illuminating the post-industrial underground.