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AUTARKY dissect biographies, they do not create them.


DAT500 is searching for sex online. Through broken stories and blurred-face photographs, na´ve children and lonely bloated men, bellowing teenagers as significant as 40-something married housewives or individuals with tattoos to prove it. DAT500 loves their stories, and then documents them with musical paeans to 21st century isolation and broken, ordinary reality.

The Gun Speaks The Strongest Weapon Trap Them and Kill Them The Gun Speaks (2nd Edition) Strategia della Tensione

Since 1990 Indianhead have explored noise in all its forms, initially through a more traditional yet minimal song-structure, then, after several line-up changes, through a more varied and experimental acoustic/electronic form. Indianhead garnered interest from many record labels, but lost out mainly to financing problems with their desire to avoid Industrial templates and generic rock or electronica stereotypes.

For more information regarding Indianhead, please peruse their website.

profit Insular Surface Tension Letzter Atem Wir Sterben Alleine Moj Produkt

After physical and mental breakdown in 1998, Insular was born and decided to document the experience through sound. The process remains partially therapeutic but more a method of exploring and indulging in experimental abstract travelogue, rather than using prose to hardcode events. Insular is about the moment, the colour, texture and light of that feeling, reproduced with a different meaning for every listener.

Of Iron Giants and Glass Virgins This is the System Currently Untitled

Formed after the break up of New World Chaos in 1996, Sound X continues the electronic and acoustic improvised live recordings that Chaos began in 1991. Disappointed by the end result of their only album as New World Chaos, 1995's Victim of Lies, Sound X decided to expand the edits on their albums, allowing the original improvised material to flow. The end result can be heard on 1999's Of Iron Giants and Glass Virgins (0000 0001).

Sound X released their second album, This is the System, in July 2005, performed for the first time in five years and have begun editing the material for their next album. They are currently planning two releases towards the end of 2008.

Big Robot 1111 1111

SERIAL has plans for the future, through twisting artists and unsettling them in a compilation of plastic seats, uneasy and unsure who should ask who to dance.

The first, Big Robot, features all SERIAL's output during Jim Rossignol's twelve month website project. The CD will house remastered 96KHz/24Bit versions and Big Robot artwork.

1111 1111 will be the second suit, spanning past and future releases on SERIAL, with some exclusive remixes. More information will be made available eventually.